Harold Hitz


Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

Highland Hills


Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
Chief Justice of the United States
October 1, 1945
October 13, 1958
Appointed by
Harry S
Chief Justice of the United States
Appointed by


prior justice: 
next justice: 
June 21, 2016


Hal here was the first SCOTUS gravesite that I visited. I had started a new job at Tradesmen International in Macedonia OH and had already visited several presidential graves. But I had had an interest in the Court that went back to the mid 90s - and this cemetery in Highland Hills OH was close enough that I could make an after-work visit fairly easily. Justice Burton was once the mayor of Cleveland and famously was the one who brought in Elliot Ness (who had nabbed Al Capone not long previous).

Other notables buried in this cemetery include

• Donald "Cinque" DeFreeze - led the Symbionese Liberation Army, which famously kidnapped Patty Hearst in 1974.
• Albert Ayler - visionary jazz saxophonist

In the potter's field of this cemetery are the unidentified victims of the Cleveland Torso Murderer (graves are unmarked)

Interestingly, my current place of employment is literally 5 minutes away from Justice Burton's grave.

UPDATE: In April of 2024, in possession of a new 360 camera, I began working at how to incorporate 360 photos into these pages. Burton being the nearest to my home, it was the definitive "first article" in the process. But I hit a snag. Burton's stone has sunk below the level of the cemetery ground. On my first revisit (26 Apr), I thought something had happened to it and it had been removed. Upon coming home and looking at my old photos, it became clear that the stone was still there, but had become covered with leaves over the winter. So on the following Sunday (28 Apr), I returned and cleared off the leaves, revealing that it was also covered with mud. Clearing off the leaves left the stone dark and the engraving full of humus (and a couple worms). So I took another photo, with the intent of returning after the stone had a chance to dry out.

So now on 29 Apr, I got off the morning bus early to check if the stone had dried out - and it had! I had some issues navigating the early morning sun, but I got a good lookin' shot. I then walked to work, cutting through the Highland Park golf course and got my work pants splattered with mud. But I got the damn picture!!


Harold Hitz Burton

Husband of Selma F. S. Burton

Mayor of Cleveland 1935 - 1940

United States Senator 1940 - 1945

Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the United States 1945 - 1958



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