Edward Douglass




Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
Chief Justice of the United States
March 12, 1894
December 18, 1910
Appointed by
Chief Justice of the United States
December 19, 1910
May 19, 1921
Appointed by
William Howard


prior justice: 
next justice: 


The weekend before Memorial Day of 2023, I took a trip to Washington DC.

The Oak Hill Cemetery was the last stop of my trip - in fact, I was hauling my suitcase with me to this cemetery as I had to catch a train back to Cleveland when I was done here. The woman working in the office was extremely helpful in pointing me toward the locations of the graves. And let me stow my luggage there while I went to get my pictures

Oh my god lotsa hills in this cemetery.

White's grave is on the north side of the cemetery, nearly opposite the entrance (which is on the south side). But like I said, the terrain is very hilly - it's not a straight shot. The sun was not my friend this day. Very hard to get a good picture.

And yes, his middle name is misspelled on his stone.



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