Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
Chief Justice of the United States
March 10, 1793
September 8, 1806
Appointed by
Chief Justice of the United States
Appointed by


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After recovering from cancer surgery in late 2019, I started the work of trying to build a freelance graphic design business. Which is when the covid pandemic started. My work was drying up and we as a global community were facing an impending lockdown.

So I got in my car and went on a cemetery tour of upstate New York.

Albany Rural Cemetery is HUGE - when you reach what feels like the end, it just seems to keep expanding. Paterson's grave is a straight shot from the entrance. Up the hill, past the tree line, keep going straight and you'll find it. This day had a penetratingly harsh sun, made taking pictures difficult. The sun was not my friend that day.

Interestingly, he was originally buried in his son-in-law's family vault, but his body was moved to this site in 1845. And it feels like it. He's sort of grafted on to someone else's gravestone here.

Also buried here are Justice Rufus Peckham and President Chester A Arthur



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